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Rob Chestnut
Former US Assistant Attorney

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We help you get to a resolution of your frustrating complaint in a quick and easy way. Whether you have a consumer dispute with a retail store, an online transaction, a small claims issue, a travel complaint, or any other issue, you deserve a resolution.

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Small claims courts are shutting down all over causing long waits. Resolving your issue online is a shortcut to resolution.

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Do you have a complaint from your last flight, holiday or trip? Let's help get you a resolution.

Online Shopping Complaints
It's hard to know where to turn when you have an issue with something you bought online from an ecommerce website. We can help.

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What is Modria?

Modria is the world's leading provider of online dispute resolution. Our team is composed on trained mediators and arbitrators, who work closely with veteran software engineers with over 15 years experience building web applications.

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